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Crafting a Digital Guest Guide is a practical way to recommend top dining, shopping, and entertainment options to hotel guests. It streamlines information, saving time for the front desk by providing quick access to commonly asked questions. It's a win-win for hotels and the local business community.

Your Restaurant at the fingertips of Hotel guests

Front Desk Display

Upon check-in, every hotel guest is encouraged to access the digital guide by scanning the displayed QR code at the front desk.


Easy Access Through a QR Code

After scanning the secure QR code, guests are seamlessly redirected to explore a variety of local participating restaurants, bars, cafes, and more!

One-Click Contact

Streamline communication with a single click, effortlessly connecting the hotel guest to your desired destination.


Direct Links

We offer personalized direct links, tailored to lead hotel guests to your website, menu, order page, or any destination of your choice.

Beyond the Digital Guest Guide

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QR Code Menus

We create beautifully designed QR code menus for an easy, hassle-free restaurant experience.



Email marketing generates $36 return for every $1 spent. We help you start and grow your list.


Text Messages

SMS messages have a 98% open rate. Leverage text to drive profits for your restaurant.


Social Media

We'll position your social media presence to engage and attract more hungry diners.



We strategically position promotions for maximum profit across multiple platforms.


Campaign Management

Free up time and money by outsourcing your marketing tasks to us.

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